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Josh's Care Company Ltd was set up primarily to provide care to our son, Josh, who is a young adult suffering from a spinal cord injury and many other complex needs associated with a spinal cord injury. 
The Company was born out of bad circumstances but created out of love for Josh, and the drive to ensure excellent quality for him during a difficult time. It was during this time and numerous interactions with health care professionals and different care companies that we began to realise that the available domiciliary care companies out there just do not provide the complex level of care required to safely manage a complex high level spinal cord injured person.
We quickly understood that if we wanted Josh to maintain his well-being and live a full and eventful life whilst being be cared for properly, then there was only one option available, that was to do it ourselves!


In order to create Josh's Care Company we had to undergo a rigorous 
registration process with the Care Quality Commission not only as a requirement for any care provider but because we wanted to be certain that all aspects of care, especially the specialist tasks  like Ventilation, tracheostomy care and change, Supra pubic care and change, bowel management care could be regulated for a domiciliary care company to carry out, we had to recruit accordingly, seeking out a high level of spinal injury care experience; this came from a variety of places and in many different forms


•    Specialist clinicians from within the spinal injury professional network
•    Staff with existing experience of all complex care relating to a spinal cord injury
•    Specialist clinicians from within the spinal cord injury setting
•    Most of all, Loving caring individuals

 Josh's Story